Gavin Hurley Fly Fishing World

Our goal is to bring you top quality fly fishing tackle at the very best prices.

We are a retailer that specialises in fly fishing and offer in store and internet orders.
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We are first and foremost anglers ourselves, and we have grown entirely through our reputation amongst anglers.

Hurley’s Fly Fishing was started by a group of keen anglers, anglers just like yourselves, who simply couldn’t justify the unrealistic prices of the high profile brands. So we set about building our own brand, a brand that was better, but also affordable. 

Rest assured, our Stalker products may not cost as much as the others, but they are better, guaranteed! 

As genuine importers, selling direct to the anglers exclusively via display nights, fishing clubs, and a mail order service, we had cut out all of the middleman mark-ups.

While price plays an important part in everyone’s lives, quality should still be the deciding factor. All of our products are made by the same skilled rod builders, reel makers, fly tiers and tailors as the high profile brands. We use the same state of the art materials and the same proven techniques. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our prices are 30-50% less than retail for similar quality products, and within reach of the person who it matters most to….you! 

The difference with Hurleys Fly Fishing is our products are the highest quality but don’t come with the high price tag